Find us in Grandi area, Reykjavík Old Harbour

Open mon-sun 11 - 22

GRANDAGARDUR 7, 101 REYKJAVÍk, +354 557 9777

we use messenger: @lambstreetfood

About us

LAMB Street Food is a small family-owned restaurant placing emphasis on the freshness and the high quality of ingredients, roasted Icelandic lamb from Icelandic farmers and special recipes of delicious home-made sauces and falafel. All food is prepared from scratch in location every day.  Read more about our homemade sauces, the falafel of our own recipe, the Icelandic sheep and our fresh baked wholegrain flatbread.

LAMB is located in Grandi, the atmospheric Old Harbour of Reykjavík and was opened by Rita Didrikssen with her husband in May 2018. LAMB’s head chef Glen Moyle hails from New Zealand, another country famous for its lamb.


our logo - EARMARKS

As you might have noticed, Lamb street food’s logo has a unique design, it is based on Iceland’s traditional sheep earmarks. In Iceland each farmer has his or her own earmark, which is cut it into a lamb’s ears soon after its birth to identify its owner. This tradition dates back to the settlement of Iceland and is even mentioned in many old Icelandic manuscripts and sagas. In the autumn, farmers all over the island join forces to round up the sheep from the districts’ communal grazing lands in the highlands. The round-up can take up to a week and is usually carried out on horseback or on foot with the help of sheepdogs. Once the sheep have been gathered, they’re herded down from the highlands into a sheepfold called a réttir. There the sheep are identified by their earmarks and returned to their farmer.

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